Mainfram3 Web Solutions
Mainfram3 Web Solutions


Mainfram3 Web Solutions aims to create websites for our clients that meet with their business, social, or personal needs. Our goal is to hand you over a polished website that you will be able to modify on your own moving forward with no programming experience necessary! We achieve this by dynamically integrating with Wordpress which is very user friendly. The websites we create are:

  • Mobile Responsive - For tablets and phones
  • Search Engine Optimized (SEO) - Google, Bing, Yahoo
  • High Quality - The content we design is top notch
  • Secure - Multiple walls of protection from hackers
  • Dynamically coded into Wordpress - Meaning you will be able to change your content with no programming experience
Website Development

Web Design

The goal at Mainfram3 Web Solutions is to deliver a site that meets all of your expectations. We walk through every step with you and make edits as we go. The final Prodcut will be programmed to integrate into 'Wordpress' on the back-end. This is done so that you can manage your site moving forward... You don't know how to program? No problem. Wordpress is a super user friendly content management system that will allow you to change things on your site with absolutely no programming experience!

  1. We go over all your ideas one by one and integrate them to form a strategy
  2. Come up with a basic layout of your website
  3. Design all the graphics using professional equpment
  4. Create a mock draft of the website to present it to you for edits
  5. Program all the code from end to end, then integrate the back-end with Wordpress
  6. Test it to make sure it's mobile ready for phones and tablets
  7. Present the final draft in Wordpress
  8. Walk you though the steps in Wordpress to edit content so you can make changes in the future